When it comes to longevity and health there are many factors which can effect your life span. At Energised Living, we share scientific information that can guide you to make certain changes, which give you better odds for living longer.

Obviously we cannot guarantee that you will extend your life, but we do believe if you make healthy changes you will reap the rewards.

Energised Living does not give personal health advice and it is important that you consult your GP to check that any changes you make to your lifestyle will not affect you adversely.

No. We encourage you to settle in, in your own time and find what resonates with you. You may want to start by looking to change your diet, or to investigate exercise - it is up to you.

We do encourage all members to watch our introduction video (which only last a couple of minutes) to give you a feel what there is on offer.

There is no simple answer as to how much time you need to spend. Like most things in life, the more time you spend on doing something, the better results you will get.

However, life sometimes doesn't allow you to spend as much time as you would like. We recommend you get the right balance to match your lifestyle. You can still see benefits even by making small changes and building up over time.

The regular group sessions will be free and you have the choice to attend or not.

If you have a serious psychological illness it is recommended that you consult your GP before partaking in these sessions.

There may be some special sessions added, or guest speakers that could incur a cost, but at present none have been arranged.

Although Facebook provides some tools to manage a private group, it does not provide everything we need to give you the best experience. By using our platform, it allows you to escape from the distractions of Facebook and provide subject based sub-groups so you can focus on your areas of interest.

We use a large community platform service to host our services. We believe the experience will be easy for many to use and we have chosen a logical layout to our community. We are open to suggestions for improvement and are always looking to improve the experience for everyone.

You can access the platform in a number of ways:

  • Web browser
  • IOS App
  • Android App
  • Windows PC App
  • Apple Mac App

You can use one or many of these options to access the community.

We feel it is important to help people to get up to speed with using the community without the many pains of learning something new. We will have tutorials, videos and occasional live sessions. These will be backed up with a help section where you can ask for help.

If you do need more help with getting access or using Energised Living, we have a resident technical person who can assist you. You can also ask on the community and others maybe be able to assist as well.